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Our Story

Seven years ago, God placed on my heart the idea of restoring the inactive Lindenwood chaplaincy with the goal of fostering unity amongst the campus ministries and eliminating barriers that prevent students from getting involved with them. The LU administration enthusiastically accepted the proposal and God opened amazing doors for ministry. New students got involved, numerous faculty and staff joined in and the Lord drew the different campus ministries closer together.

The revived Chaplain's Office I started came to an end in January 2016, yet I could not shake the nagging feeling that our work was just beginning.

What if the end of that office was not meant to be the end of this endeavor, but the expansion of it? What if God intended for us to build on what had been started to create a stronger, independent fellowship not just for Lindenwood students, but for young adults across St. Charles County and near parts of St. Louis County?

-Tim Butler, FaithTree Founding Pastor

The Vision

Joining Together to Strengthen Young Adult Ministry

In an increasingly secular world, many young adults have never seen what the Body of Christ is called to look like. When local churches, campus ministry leaders and young adults support each other and enjoy community together, we show a beautiful testimony of Christ's love in action.

FaithTree's events aim at engaging college students and other young adults with Christian fellowship. We are working closely with local churches to get them involved at every level. Our purpose is not to create simply another ministry, but to be a glue between the local church and other ministries serving young adults across our area. Together, we carry forward the work of creating an even stronger fellowship of young adults, united by our common faith in Jesus. Together, God can use us to go much further to advance his kingdom and see many young adults receive the hope that comes from Jesus alone.

The Building Blocks

Connect with God

Sunset Services provide a place to pray, begin to believe or grow in the faith and do so in the context of believers from a variety of ministries and churches.

Connect with People

Dinners before Sunset Services, fellowship times after and other FaithTree events provide cross-church and cross-ministry fellowship and provide an easy connection point for those seeking to get involved with the campus ministries and local churches.

Connect with Answers

FaithTree at the Movies provides opportunities to discuss big questions of faith and practical concerns about living a Christ-centered life. Thoughtful, Scripture based messages from area pastors during Sunset Services also address practical, daily concerns.

About Pastor Tim

Tim Butler is a pastor ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. He has served as Associate Pastor at Grace PCA, one of the churches participating in FaithTree. He served as the University Chaplain of Lindenwood University from 2013-2015 and taught Religion and Christian Ministry Studies there from 2011-2015. He earned a B.A. from Lindenwood and an M.Div from Covenant Theological Seminary. He is delighted to serve alongside other fantastic pastors to minister through FaithTree. You can learn more about him at timothybutler.us.

Get Involved

How You Can Help Us with Our Mission


This plan is a bold one and dependent upon prayer. Would you be willing to join us in praying? If so, please contact Tim to become part of our prayer team.


In order to fund our use of the Upper Room as a meeting space, cover event expenses and provide Tim with a salary to enable him to serve as FaithTree's pastor full-time, we need ministry partners willing to give either a one time or reoccurring tax deductible gift. Would you consider praying about giving individually and encouraging your church to consider supporting this effort as well? Your support is crucial to the ability for this ministry to fulfill its mission. You can securely give online here.


Volunteers will help make ministry events better and also provide a wonderful way students can get to know people from our area churches. We will need volunteers willing to help at events, play in the worship team, prepare food for events, help with behind the scenes needs and more. Please consider being a part of this exciting ministry through volunteering.

Contact Us

If you have questions or are ready to get involved through prayer, giving or volunteering, please contact Pastor Tim at timothy.butler@faithtree.com. Tim is happy to answer your questions or help you get plugged in as a ministry partner.