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What is FaithTree?

FaithTree aims to encourage young adults with Christian fellowship, connecting believers from different churches and campus ministries for worship, prayer and thought-provoking conversations about faith. We are a ministry led by and rooted in churches around our area; you can learn more about our story here.

Our Mission: “FaithTree Christian Fellowship seeks to advance God’s Kingdom amongst area young adults by helping them hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, equipping them to disciple others and serving as a conduit between local churches and campus ministries in order to better serve these ends through unity in the Gospel.”

When local churches, college ministry leaders and young adults support each other and enjoy community together, we show a beautiful testimony of Christ's love in action. That’s the heart of our vision as a ministry. Together, we share the Gospel and build up the body of Christ united by our common faith in Jesus. Will you join us?


Are you a young adult? Please join us for our services, movie discussions and other events. Whether you are a believer craving fellowship with other Christian young adults or someone just curious about what we believe, we welcome you!


We need your help getting the word out to others. Everyone knows young adults, so whether you are a local pastor, someone with young adults in your family or you are a young adult yourself, you know people you can invite to share in the warmth and joy the Lord has blessed our times together with.


We welcome churches and individuals of any age to come on board to serve with us. Find out how you can make a difference for the mission of FaithTree by contacting Pastor Tim for more information.